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The cleaner has been used for cleaning and transporting Corn, Wood Pellets, Flax seed and other materials that are similar in size/weight.  The cleaner MUST be attached to a sealed (air-tight) container to work.  It can be placed on a 5 gallon bucket, 55 galon barrel or other sealed container.  The container MUST be able to withstand the pressure from a wet/dry vac....please note that large poly tanks will NOT hold a vacuum.

I'm now the happy owner of the Cornvac.....Your cleaner is an excellent value and I remain delighted with the product and your followup care.....I like the compactness of the unit.  It is well made, as claimed by others.....(Mike from Canada)



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We now sell a sealed container with our corn cleaner.  This sealed container is a 5 gallon bucket with a stub on top to accept our cleaner.    All you need to do is supply a hose, wet/dry vac and Corn....  Simply attach your wet/dry vac to the top of the cleaner and transfer corn into the 5 gallon bucket.  During the transfer process your corn is cleaned of dust, red-eyes and other light particles.  After the transfer is complete, it's ready to dump into your stove.  Our cleaner does NOT remove cracked corn.  Why remove cracked corn when it produces BTU's (HEAT!!).  Cracked corn burns just as good as whole kernels, so why remove it.  The dust and red-eyes are virtually eliminated from your corn supply when using the cleaner.

This bucket will hold 5 gallons of corn (approximately 1/2 bushel of corn).  The weight of corn will be about 25-30 pounds.  Filling this bucket will take less than a minute.



You can still purchase our cleaner separately, however you will have to supply your own container.  The bottom of the cleaner has a 3 1/2" opening.  A 3 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe will fit in the opening.  Some users simply attach a 3" toilet flange on top of their sealed (air-tight) container.  Our cleaner will slip right on top of it

The cleaner will remove corn dust, red-eyes/bees-wings and other light particles.  Large cobs or other larger material will not be removed.  To remove large particles, a screen (1/2"x1/2") can be placed at the end of your transfer hose to prevent large particles from being transferred to your storage container.  

The corn cleaner works by attaching a shopvac to the top coupler and a corn transfer hose to the bottom coupler.  The cleaner is then placed on a sealed bucket/barrell or storage container.  When the vacuum is turned on, the corn is transferred to the cleaner and the light particles/dust are sent to the shopvac and the heavy material (corn) is dropped into the sealed container.

Why build one, order now and have it shipped by UPS to your doorstep ready to use.  We've had many customers tell us that they tried building a cleaner and have spent much more than ours cost, some even in the hundreds of dollars (and they still didn't work).  Our Cleaner Works!!

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