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                                              Why 2 different Models?

 The 25 Gallon Model is our standard.  The dimensions are 40" tall (including corn cleaner) by 18" round.

The 15 Gallon Model is our shorter model.  The dimensions are 32" tall (including corn cleaner) by 19" round.

Some corn pellet stove owners don't have the necessary height clearance for the 25 gallon tank, so the 15 gallon tank provides a little more clearance.  If you have the room, the 25 gallon model should be the choice.


25 Gallon Model              15 Gallon Model

The SecondaryTank is used for stove owners to have an alternate location for loading corn into their stove.  This unit can be hung over top of you stove and used to directly load your stove on a daily basis.  

This system may also be used to load your 5 gallon bucket of clean corn to dump into your corn stove.  This setup would have the tank located in the basement/garage and the transfer hose would go directly into your main corn storage source.  to operate, you would turn on your vacuum to load the 25 gallon tank.  On a daily basis, you would place a 5 gallon bucket under the gate/tank and unload 5 gallons of clean corn to place into your stove.  

This tank has many uses beyond what we have discussed.  Feel free to email us with your questions, and we can recommend a setup and products thay may be used to assist you in making corn stove use more "user friendly"

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This photo shows the secondary tank hung overtop of your stove.  A transfer hose is run from the cleaner to your corn storage source.  A vacuum system is connected to the cleaner.  When the vacuum system is turned on, the corn will fill the secondary tank.  Once filled, the bottom gate can be opened and corn will fall into the stove.  It is not necessary to use our storage container if you already have a storage container and simply want a way to clean and transfer corn directly to your stove.

This photo is only one example of the many potential uses for the secondary tank.  The storage tank that you are transferring corn from must have a vent to allow airflow into the tank.

Specifications for the Secondary Tank:

Transfer Rate:  45 minutes per 1,500 pound truck load of corn (using a 6.5 horsepower wet/dry vac).

Maximum tested loading height:  We have tested this unit transferring corn from the bed of a pickup truck to a storage container 9 feet tall.  

Transfer Hose:  This unit is NOT supplied with a tranfer hose.  Tranfer hose may be purchased, however if a length greater than 12 feet is needed, there is an increased chance of clogging within the hose.  Our testing has shown that any length much greater than 12 feet should consider using solid Schedule 40 PVC piping with large radius bends found in the electrical conduit section of most hardware stores.  Any addition of piping and hose length may require some trial and error to find the proper location and height limitations of the system.  When using this system, it is recommended to minimize the number of bends in the piping to avoid clogging of the pipes.  If elevation changes of less the 3 to 4 feet are used, then the transfer hose length may be longer than 12 feet.  

Vacuum System:  The homeowner must supply a vacuum system and storage container to utilize the Secondary Tank as shown above.  Our testing has shown the optimum transfer rate is with a 6.5 horsepower wet/dry vac purchased at your local hardware store.  We have tested the system with smaller wet/dry vacs with successful operation, however, the smaller wet/dry vacuum systems do increase the chance of clogging within the hose system as well as slowing the transfer rates listed above.


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