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We performed several tests recently and have some great results and pictures.


Above photo shows previously cleaned corn, and a weighted amount of dust/redeyes/debris. Above photo shows the previously cleaned corn and debris mixed.  Weights were taken to measure corn and dust separately.



Above photo shows corn cleaned with our cleaner and the dust extracted from the corn. Above photo shows the cleaned corn after going through our cleaner.


The Results:

Weight of corn:      30.26 pounds Weight of corn:     30.24 pounds
Weight of debris added:     0.16 pounds Weight of debris removed:  0.16 pounds

What the results mean.  

  • The 0.02 pounds of loss from the cleaned bucket of corn, was most likely debris that was in the original bucket of corn and it was removed during the cleaning process.  
  • The results are clear that the removal of dust, red-eyes and other light debris is nearly 100% removal (accuracy of scale).
  • The scale that we used for measurements was a certified postal scale that we use for shipping.  
  • We removed the dust by using our corn cleaner attached to a 5 gallon bucket.
  • The dust was collected in a dust separator/cyclone to measure after cleaning from the corn.  There was a small amount of debris that bypassed the dust separator, which accounts for the 0.02 pounds of debris that was removed from the original bucket of corn.
  • The wet/dry vac used was a rigid 6.5 horsepower blower/vac.
  • A note on real dirty corn:  If your corn is extremely dirty, your results may vary.  If too much debris enters the cleaner, there may not be enough time/space for the debris to be removed.  If you slow down the transfer rate, your results will improve.  See our FAQ section for additional information on Real Dirty Corn.

Here's our setup for the test:



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