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U-Build-Storage Kit


approximately 55 bushels of shelled corn 


This is not just a storage bin.  This 55 bushel bin is a sealed container that will allow corn to be directly transferred from your pick-up truck (or other source) into the bin.  During the transfer process, the corn is cleaned as well.

The U-Build Storage Kit will include the following:

  • Cornvac Corn Cleaner
  • 12 feet of flexible corn transfer hose
  • Hardware kit (including the gate valve and top stub for the corn cleaner) and air-tight seals
  • Detailed manual with step by step instructions, photos and diagrams on how to build the storage bin
  • Instructions on using the storage bin for transferring corn

This system is a "U-Build Storage Kit" .  Your purchase will include a hardware kit with detailed instructions for the user to build their own storage container.  This storage bin will also allow the user to load and clean corn in one easy step.  The storage bin will be a sealed container which allows a vacuum to be placed on the storage bin.  With your purchase of our kit, you will get a detailed "shopping list" of materials that you need to buy at your local lumber yard.  The cost of materials that you need to purchase at the lumber yard will be approximately $200-$225.  Your total cost will be  $425 for a complete system that cleans, transfers and stores corn all in one easy step.

$200 for our U-Build Storage Kit

$225 for  materials you purchase at a local lumber/hardware store

$425 Total Cost (Approximate)

You cannot find any storage system that Transfers, Cleans and Stores that much corn for this price.  This is the system that I currently use for my Corn Stove.  It's clean, compact and works great.  When I need corn in my stove, I put a 5 gallon bucket at the outlet and open the gate, corn fills the bucket and I pour it in the stove.

There are many variations you can have with this storage bin.  After the corn is loaded, you could have a piping system that runs from the outlet directly to your corn stove hopper!!  The possibilities are endless......

In purchasing our kit, there will be no guesswork on how to build it, which means no wasted material or failed projects.  We've been using this storage bin for the last 2 months, and I will continue using it for my personal storage, transfer and cleaning.

You MUST have general carpentry skills to build this storage bin.  It's not difficult, but you do need to know how to use a standard circular saw, electric drill and other standard power/hand tools.  If you don't have the handy skills to build it, get your neighbor and friends to help!!  Every step in the manual is clearly labeled with photos, diagrams and other information that guides you along the way.  There is NO guessing on dimensions.  

Specifications for the U-Build Storage Bin:

Size:  The completed size is 4' wide by 4' wide by 9' tall.  The height can easily be adjusted to accommodate lower ceilings.  Our detailed manual has dozens of photos, diagrams and details to guide you in building the bin.

Transfer Rate:  45 minutes per 1,500 pound truck load of corn (using a 6.5 horsepower wet/dry vac).

Maximum tested loading height:  We have tested this unit transferring corn from the bed of a pickup truck to a storage container 9 feet tall.  

Transfer Hose:  This unit is supplied with 12 feet of flexible transfer hose (smooth interior).  This length is typical for transferring directly from a truck to a storage container nearby.  Additional tranfer hose may be purchased, however if a length greater than 12 feet is needed, there is an increased chance of clogging within the hose.  Our testing has shown that any length much greater than 12 feet should consider using solid Schedule 40 PVC piping with large radius bends found in the electrical conduit section of most hardware stores see our FAQ for additional information on piping systems.  Any addition of piping and hose length may require some trial and error to find the proper location and height limitations of the system.  When using the U-Build Storage Bin, it is recommended to minimize the number of bends in the piping to avoid clogging of the pipes.

Vacuum System:  The homeowner must supply a vacuum system and storage container to utilize the U-Build Storage Bin as shown above.  Our testing has shown the optimum transfer rate is with a 6.5 horsepower wet dry vac purchased at your local hardware store.  We have tested the system with smaller wet/dry vacs with successful operation, however, the smaller wet/dry vacuum systems do increase the chance of clogging within the hose system as well as slowing the transfer rates and cleaning ability listed above.

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