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mobile cornvac rotary airlock pneumatic transfer system

The Mobile Cornvac Unit is ideal for corn stove owners who already have a storage container, or plan on purchasing one. best thing to sliced bread!...The mobile unit works well and is well worth the money paid!....This thing is very impressive...Definitely going to be a time saver.... Very unique design also....(Gary from Ilinois)

This unit will transfer, clean and store bulk shelled corn, or wood pellets, in one continuous step.  Unlike other products on the market, this unit operates continuously with no stopping to unload, pull levers or other systems that require you to stop every several minutes.  See some sample photos below that illustrate the potential uses of this product:

How It Works:

The mobile unit is much more than a cleaner!!! This unit cleans the corn (the upper unit).  The lower unit maintains a vacuum within the lower chamber.  An electrical motor on the side rotates a set of seals that maintains the vacuum and rotates the corn out the bottom of the unit.  This unit can be placed on top of most any storage container that has an opening on top.  Imagine backing your truck into the corner of your garage, placing the transfer hose in the bed of your truck and watch the corn transfer from bed of your truck to your storage container (and cleaned at the same time!).  There is NO shoveling or manual moving of corn.   The mobile unit is about 11" wide by 16" long by 22" tall and weights about 20 pounds.  The Mobile is a rotary airlock system.  It can transfer any materials like grains, plastic pellets, wood shavings and a very useful tool for any material transfer.




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This photo shows how you can unload your pickup truck full of bulk corn and transfer/clean your corn in one step. This photo shows a similar setup, only the unloading of the shelled corn is into a larger bulk storage container.  The storage container shown above is NOT our Complete Cornvac System.  Please refer the Link on the left for more information on the Complete System.  

These photos are only a small example of what possibilities are available to stove users.  Any type of storage container can be used as long as the Mobile Cornvac unit is able to be securely attached to the top opening.

Specifications for the Mobile Cornvac Unit:

Transfer Rate:  45 minutes per 1,500 pound truck load of corn (using a 6.5 horsepower wet/dry vac).

Maximum tested loading height:  We have tested this unit transferring corn from the bed of a pickup truck to a storage container 9 feet tall.  

Transfer Hose:  This unit is supplied with 12 feet of flexible transfer hose (smooth interior).  This length is typical for transferring directly from a truck to a storage container nearby.  Additional tranfer hose may be purchased, however if a length greater than 12 feet is needed, there is an increased chance of clogging within the hose.  Our testing has shown that any length much greater than 12 feet should consider using solid Schedule 40 PVC piping with large radius bends found in the electrical conduit section of most hardware stores.  Any addition of piping and hose length may require some trial and error to find the proper location and height limitations of the system.  When using the Mobile Cornvac Unit, it is recommended to minimize the number of bends in the piping to avoid clogging of the pipes,  see above pictures where the transfer hose is a relatively straight run to the Mobile Cornvac Unit..

Vacuum System:  The homeowner must supply a vacuum system and storage container to utilize the Mobile Cornvac Unit as shown above.  Our testing has shown the optimum transfer rate is with a 6.5 horsepower wet dry vac purchased at your local hardware store.  We have tested the system with smaller wet/dry vacs with successful operation, however, the smaller wet/dry vacuum systems do increase the chance of clogging within the hose system as well as slowing the transfer rates listed above.

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