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Mobile Cornvac 
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Cornvac Cleaner

Cornvac Mobile Unit

5 Gallon Bucket with Cleaner

25 GallonSecondary Tank



U-Build-Storage Kit with Hardware

15 GallonSecondary Tank

Ash Vac


4 inch CastAluminum Gate

1-1/4" Flexible Corn Transfer Hose



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Cleaner and Buckets IN STOCK
Mobile Unit

May take up to 2 weeks

25 Gallon Secondary Tank


15 Gallon Secondary Tank


U-Build Kit


Transfer Hose


Explanation of status terms:
IN STOCK:  Product is in stock and ready to ship.  Most orders will be shipped within 1-2 days depending on daily order volumes.







This is a great product.... Thanks...Also Lighting fast shipping

(Rick from Wisconsin)

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New Brochure--Updated February 7, 2007

If you are a corn stove dealer and wish to receive an Informational packet from us, please e-mail us and we will send you a packet of information and some brochures for your use.

Here is a quick guide to what products will work for you:

  • The Cornvac Cleaner is a simple corn cleaning unit that is placed on a sealed container.  The sealed container can be any size as long as it is air-tight and can take the pressure of a wet dry vac.  If you also need a sealed container, we now offer a 5 gallon bucket with our corn cleaner.
  • The Mobile Cornvac is used with a homeowner supplied storage tankor even your 14 bushel furnace hopper.  If you already own a storage tank or have arrangements to get one, then the Mobile Cornvac is the product you need.  The Mobile Cornvac will Clean and Transfer your shelled corn in one continuous step with no stopping to unload.
  • The U-Build Storage Kit is a hardware kit that we supply to build a 55 bushel cleaning, transfer and storage bin.  We supply a detailed manual on how to build it.  This is a one step process and I currently use this system for my own personal use.
  • The Secondary Tank is used in conjuction with a storage tank.  This tank can be placed above your stove, furnace hopper or in a selected place that allows for easy transfer of corn to your stove.
  • Additional specifications for each of the systems above can be found on the links to the left.
  • Don't forget, our corn cleaner can also clean wood pellets, that's right, it's a pellet cleaner too.



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